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The pandemic and especially the second wave has made people paranoid due to the volatile nature of the virus. The flow of information through easily accessible social media platforms has helped many become aware of the situation and learn about ways to tackle the challenges. However, there has been a huge inflow of misinformation as well, creating confusion and also diluting the credibility of otherwise helpful information. From speculative home remedies on the disease to unverified information on hospital beds & medicine availability, we see many WhatsApp and Facebook messages being circulated on a daily basis. Unverified and fake information only leads to chaos and more panic. We, at Parivartan, therefore attempted to focus on this need for authentic and reliable information, which can help people access necessary resources in time, to save as many lives as possible.


A team of volunteers worked on actual verification which included calling every lead we receive through various channels and checking it’s validity and some volunteers worked on data processing which included organising and compiling the useful information while discarding fake and redundant leads. All the volunteers were working in such an organised way that all the data was verified within 15 to 20 days. The final compilation of verified and reliable information is available for anyone to access here:


In light of the predicted third wave, our main focus now is to keep this information updated and keep on checking it’s authenticity. We assure that this team of enthusiastic volunteers would continue to work to keep this information up-to-date.

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