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As the Covid_19 pandemic took the world by a storm, and especially when the second wave hit India severely, Parivartan volunteers geared up once again to help in any manner possible.Here are the projects the team has undertaken so far, with plans of adding a few more verticals to the relief work.


Plasma Donation:

There is a lack of awareness and hesitation amongst people regarding plasma. We have taken
steps to ensure maximum eligible persons become donors to save the lives of others struggling
with the virus.
- Providing a solid network to help patients get plasma
- Creating awareness about plasma therapy
- Encouraging recovered patients to come forward to donate plasma
-Guiding and helping donors through the entire process of plasma donation in coordination with
the blood banks
Register as a plasma donor here:


Blood Donation:

With an increasing number of patients, the city faced a blood shortage. Parivartan has been actively appealing to people to donate blood. Urging people to donate blood before their
vaccinations has been an important step in making sure they do not become ineligible after taking the vaccine.
Register as a blood donor here:


Networking and Coordination:

Parivartan volunteers are working round the clock to help the needy to get hospital beds, oxygen supply, medicines and any other such medical emergency service. We are also coordinating between the suppliers and the needy for the said demands.


Verification Cell:

This is an initiative to weed out fake numbers, wrong information about covid medicines, beds etc. As lack of facilities and availability of necessary services became apparent, fake leads also became rampant. Parivartan has set up a verification cell to verify any such whatsapp forward
texts and messages. Out volunteers personally call and check if the information is true, false, active or redundant. A database has been created with all the authentic and verified sources which is accessible to any citizen in need.

Free Psychological Counseling:


The pandemic has been around over a year. All of us are fighting it physically as well as mentally. Such long lasting and depressing events can affect our mental health and it is essential to take care of our minds as much as our bodies. Parivartan in collaboration with Team Hausala has started free counseling service for the patients, their relatives, frontline workers, covid relief work volunteers and anyone who feels the need given the situation.
Contact to book a session:808 209 0771/ 976 498 8461

Food For The Needy:


In collaboration with ‘Dena Samajacha’, a group of women from Bhusari Colony, Pune,Parivartan volunteers are facilitating the delivery of tiffins daily to the Doctors for Beggers
initiative, wherein, the food reaches over 50 people completely free of cost. The women from Dena Samajacha team prepare tiffins each day and our volunteers have taken up the responsibility of delivery across town.

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