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Purpose 😊🩸✨


All those irksome symptoms, quarantine boredom, post infection weakness, why me feeling and mental exhaustion is totally worth to see this message popping up on phone screen

 “Plasma you had donated is issued already to the patient. Thank you Satyashree🙌🏼” 


After getting rejected as a plasma donor at Sahyadri Hospital Deccan blood bank, for “Not enough antibodies, low HB , Female donor etc”  within just 5 minutes of taking blood sample, I got confused and felt too bad for that patient’s relative who was already exhausted with donor search. 

Of course we decided not to interfere in the medical process. 


But I somehow had a faith that I can do this. 

I won’t let my antibodies go waste. 


All thanks to the amazing team of Parivartan Bharat, who are doing some extra ordinary work in these trying times, responded to my queries, followed up with me with utmost politeness & directed me to ISI (Indian Serological Institute) for the antibody testing, which made sure I am very much eligible for plasma donation & so it happened. 


Smooth and safe. 


My one time plasma will save two covid patients. 

These patients are total strangers, but I believe we will connect one day in some way or the other. 


I am just feeling lucky today. 


Yet again found purpose. 

Hope you find yours too 😇


For any more details about the plasma donation process, I am always available just a ping away 🌻 

If you can’t donate, encourage others around you who can, by sharing/telling my little story.

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