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Abided by one of our objectives, to hold the public representatives accountable and liable for their decisions and actions, Parivartan has been preparing a report card for evaluation of performance of public representatives like Corporators, MLAs and MPs.

To prepare a report card, we had to decide on the parameters/criteria for evaluation. After a number of brainstorming sessions, we decided below objective parameters:


  • Attendance of public representatives in their respective assemblies

  • Number of questions raised to the government, thereby seeking information and holding the government accountable

  • Participation in discussions/debates related to laws and public policies

  • Presentation of independent bills.

  • The utilisation of funds allocated to them.

Nagarsevak report card (NRC): We prepared a report card of Corporators/ Nagarsevaks and published it on website named


Khasdar report card(KRC): We also prepared a report card of Members of Parliament (MPs) of India and published it on website named

This website had more than 1.5 lakhs unique visitors within the first 15 days.


Impact of report card by Parivartan:

  • It spread general awareness about the scope of work and duties of these public representatives.

  • Parivartan found out during NRC about high expenditure on benches and its impact was observed in Pune Municipal Corporation's General Body meeting where they decided to put a cap on purchase of benches and discussed about better utilisation of funds.

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