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After German Bakery bomb blast in Pune, Parivartan was helping the police in relief work during which we came to know about how the BDDS personnels have to risk their lives during the detection and disposal of suspicious objects. BDDS approached Parivartan stating the need of robots for detection and disposal of work which will reduce the risk of their personnel.

Parivartan approached College of Engineering, Pune(COEP) to check the feasibility of making such robots after which we initiated the talk between COEP and BDDS regarding prototype making and development of robots for BDDS. The then Director of COEP Dr.Anil Sahastrabudhhe welcomed this initiative and confirmed COEP's involvement in the project.

Parivartan played a role of facilitator between COEP and BDDS and COEP has successfully submitted the prototype to BDDS.

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