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Disasters could be natural or man-made but the help and support post disasters play a vital role in the process of relief and rehabilitation.

We started with disaster relief work by extending help to police after Pune's German Bakery bomb blast in 2010. We also provided required help and assistance in hospitals.

Parivartan along with Maitri (a nonprofit organisation in Pune having an experience in disaster relief and rehabilitation work) have worked for disaster relief during the disasters in Uttarakhand floods (2013), Nepal earthquake (2015) ,Kerala floods (2018) and Western Maharashtra floods (2019, where Parivartan participated in max numbers)

Also, during Kashmir floods (2014), we worked with Aseem Foundation (an NGO which worked for sustainable relief work after Kashmir floods) and contributed towards relief work.

Disaster relief work usually includes providing immediate assistance and relief material like medicines, clothes,food, sanitation material,etc.

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