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Is Plasma Donation on your mind but the process is holding you back?


That is exactly what happened with me. When I came to know about the Plasma Donation process and realised that it isn't as simple as blood donation, I really started wondering whether I should go ahead with it or not. But I also thought it wasn't right to step back after pledging the donation by signing the online form.


What I experienced, however, was totally different and comfortable! It took around 45 minutes to complete the process, and unlike blood donation, I didn't feel tired after Plasma Donation. And most importantly, the satisfaction I got after doing it was immense.


In this entire process, Parivartan was of great help. This is a group of young enthusiasts, who are doing their best for Covid patients.


Parivartan made the process hassle-free for me, by following means:


1) Kept my identity and personal details safe and did not share it with the patient's relatives (because I requested them so)

2) Chose the best Plasma Donation centre as per my requirements. For example, I had particularly asked for a blood bank which was not located inside a hospital

3) Booked my appointment for me

4) Fully informed me about Dos and Don'ts pre and post Plasma Donation

5) Kept in touch with me during the entire process and extended their support in all possible ways

6) Upon request, identified the beneficiary to me.


We really need to understand that, not everyone who has recovered from Covid or has taken Vaccination and completed the stipulated time can donate Plasma and hence it is very difficult to get enough Plasma Donors. 


Plasma can only be donated if one has sufficient antibodies (for which a blood test is done before Plasma Donation), and it is made sure that sufficient antibodies would remain in your body after Plasma Donation. Hence, it is completely safe and does not put you at risk.


I was lucky to get this opportunity. Please step forward and donate the Plasma. Let's do our bit in the service of humanity. I did!

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