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During every election, we see the number of first time voters participating in the electoral process and play an important role in deciding the country's future. The voter registration process enables these eligible individuals cast their vote. Parivartan started voter registration before 2009 Lok Sabha elections.


We identified few problems in the process such as unawareness of people about voter registration process, unsuitable timings of registration offices, etc. Parivartan played a role of facilitator between Election Commission(EC) and citizens. Our volunteers conducted voter registration in colleges, educational institutes where National Social Service (NSS) played a significant role,housing societies where society body members were involved and IT/corporate sector employees where few enthusiastic people from the IT sector took the initiative.

Election Commission stated that it was the first time, any 3rd party i.e. an NGO has been given the privilege of being the part of voter registration process.

Parivartan is the first to start in Pune and set a milestone which is now continued by EC across the state.

Parivartan was invited by Election Commission, Pune to be part of SVEEP (Systematic Voters' Education and Electoral Participation program) committee and give our valuable suggestions to increase voting percentage and better education of voters. Many of our valuable suggestions are taken ahead by EC and now we can see them getting implemented.

We have successfully registered about 80 thousand new voters during 2014 Lok Sabha elections and in the same year Parivartan was one of the nominees for National CSO award given by Election Commission of India for best campaign on Voters' education and awareness in India.

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